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What is MOHS?

MOHS surgery is a highly specialized form of surgery intended for the removal of skin cancer where the doctor acts as both pathologist and surgeon. By completely examining all margins of a tumor (peripheral and deep), and by mapping the extent of its growth, the MOHS techniques assures nearly 100% tumor removal. After anesthetizing the area, the visible tumor as well as a small amount of surrounding tissue, is removed. The tissue is processed, examined under the microscope and finally, the remaining tumor is marked on the MOHS map. A second, thin layer of tissue is then again removed and examined. These steps are repeated until the tumor is fully removed.

What are the advantages of MOHS?

The technique insures the highest possible cure rate for skin cancers (basal cell cancer and squamous cell cancer), and at the same time it leaves as much normal (tumor free) tissue intact as possible.

Where is MOHS surgery performed?

The procedure is done on an outpatient basis. No hospitalization is necessary.

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