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What is EUATL?

EUA External Ultrasonic Assistance refers to the application of ultrasonic energy (sound waves) to the fatty tissue prior to aspiration of fat. This liquefies the fat, making aspiration easier and often less painful for the patient. It is external (as opposed to internal) because the sound waves are delivered with probes that make contact with the skin. The sound waves are transmitted from the tumescent mixture to the fat.

T Tumescent refers to the infusion of large amounts of fluid (a mix of saline, lidocaine and epinephrine), into the fat prior to the actual liposuction. This mixture minimizes bleeding (very minimal), and pain (patients experience minimal pain without the risks of general anesthesia).

L Liposuction refers to the removal of fat from any part of the body.

What is unique about Dr. Buchen's approach to liposuction?

EUATL is the safest and most effective technique available today for liposuction. In fact, Univision recently interviewed Dr. Buchen regarding these new techniques. You may request to view the videos during an office consultation.

Aesthetic surgery on the abdomen must address three components:the overlying skin, the fat beneath it and the underlying muscles. Patients who need simply fat removed benefit from liposuction alone (shown below).

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Other patients with loose skin, stretch marks or abdominal scars often benefit from either a miniabdomenoplasty where in addition to liposuction, a small amount of skin is removed or a full abdomenoplasty where a large amount of skin is removed, the umbilicus (belly-button) is repositioned and the muscles are tightened.

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